A Huge range of bed options

At one time only a standard double bed was available to buy at most retail outlets, but now the range to choose from is truly mind boggling! From king-size and queen-size to single, there are even more different sorts to consider, such as an air bed, which conjure up thoughts of camping, but now this kind is being purchased by many people for their homes. Some of the benefits of these are that they are very light in weight and extremely portable; consequently they can be moved from room to room and using an electronic air pump, can make the job of inflating them very quick indeed. Airbeds are useful in preventing bedsores as the air chambers inside can be puffed up to get the desired firmness, thus making it extremely comfortable. An unusual type of unit is the futon which originated from Japan and is a versatile piece of furniture that can be converted into a sofa if required, is inexpensive and looks very modern in the home. The mattress can be filled with foam, cotton or polyester and can be a great option where space is constrained as can a sofa bed which, as the name implies, is a sofa, can be easily changed into sleeping accommodation and according to the room area, the right size should be carefully chosen.

Bases and mattresses are usually sold together and it is important to test them out before making the decision to buy a bed, look to see if the mattress responds to your body contours, has it a removable washable cover – some mattresses have three months of the year printed at the top and bottom edges on both sides, suggesting when to turn it over and upend it, rather than having it in the same position year after year to prevent sagging. Bases usually have castors on them enabling easy movement and some are in two parts making transportation, when moving house for instance, more convenient for getting them down stairs and through doorways. A wooden based bed obviously never sags and can look attractive when matched with a wooden headboard which can be ornately carved by craftsmen in pine, oak, beech, ash and whitewood making your room look fantastic throughout the years, as you change the colour and style of your bedroom around it. Leather and suede make beautiful durable headboards, can be colour coordinated with the room decor and provide an ambience of opulence, style and quality as well as being a strong focal point in your bedroom. Metal can also be used for headboards and antique gold, nickel and brass are the most common materials which may be crafted in classical styles with curves, twists and wonderful patterns. Browsing on the internet can give you an excellent idea of the many types available to purchase with information and advice on how to choose the right one which should be perfect for you and your budget.