Nanny jobs: expectations of a nanny and parents

Parents must have confidence in their nanny and it is inevitable that the first few months will be a worrying time for them. The expectations of a nanny can be disconcerting and daunting to start with so it’s crucial that the nanny is confident during this time in order to gain the employers’ trust. It is equally important that the parents try to put their worries aside so as not to demoralise or intimidate the nanny. Parents can expect their nanny to arrive on time and give them as much notice as possible if they are unable to work. Nanny jobs require a high level of privacy and nannies must be trusted not to intrude any more than is necessary during their stay. A nanny must behave in a professional manner whilst in the family house and it is just as important that the family is respectful to their employee in return.

It is important that working hours and pay are agreed before the nanny starts employment to avoid any issues involving overtime or perceived underpayment further down the line. Both the employer and employee should have a written copy of the working hours expected from him/her and the compensation for any extra time worked. All nanny jobs roles requires keeping a detailed record of daily eating and drinking habits of the children, activities partaken, sleep patterns and any changes in behaviour or attitude as a parent will want to keep up to date with any milestones or potential illnesses that concern their children.