Plan in advance - Use a Mortgage Calculator

For those of us who were born and raised in this great nation, it’s no secret that the UK can be rather expensive at times. It’s expensive to eat, it’s expensive to drink, goods and items are overpriced and the weather isn’t much to brag about either. One major factor that keeps many of us awake at night is the cost of housing. Rather than repeatedly pay a landlord ‘dead money’ week in and week out, it us understandable that many of us want our own house and place we can call home. These days, houses are astronomically overpriced and as an insider of the trade, comparing past figures to those of the modern day often leaves my head spinning. Maintaining a house is pretty easy and you are never short of options in terms of decoration and creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. What is more complex however is keeping on top of your mortgage repayments and but also ensuring that you can enjoy life and have a little disposable cash to pursue your interests outside of work and home. What many Britons repeatedly do is primarily focus on the payments but leave little extra money for them to eat well and carry out leisure activities, confiding themselves merely to their own four walls and paying money just to stay alive rather than go out there and enjoy themselves.

To get an idea of what is a reasonable and achievable monthly payment figure, you need to use a mortgage calculator such as the one featured on the Go Direct website. Simply type in your current outgoings, salary and other income and go direct will do the rest and arrive at a figure that is well within your reach. Rather than be pushed around and baffled by a cut throat financial mortgage advisor that will beat around the bush in order to prolong your custom, this established UK site allows you to become your own broker. Rather than be pressured into making decisions, you can properly assess the situation from the comfort of your own home using the mortgage calculator. On the other hand however, if you do need some advice and a bit of guidance, the advisors at Go Direct are experts in their field and will be more than happy to recommend which type of mortgage fits your current circumstances. If you are currently at a crossroads and unsure of which way to turn, companies like Go Direct can also offer sound financial advice in relation to re-mortgaging your home, please don’t feel intimidated by contacting these as they are more than happy to be of assistance. At one time or another, we’ve probably all encountered financial difficulty and as a result, we’ve gained bad credit. Being in such a predicament can often leave us unsettled and a little scared about approaching such companies as we feel their services don’t apply to us. This couldn’t be further from the truth however, giving a company such as Go Direct a call is a good place to start. Even if you don’t use their services, at least enter your data into the helpful mortgage calculator.