Surf Clothing – Ethical and Fashionable

In terms of fashion what has become an increasingly important element, giving rise to a new breed of clothing manufacturer and designer, is ethical clothing. For too long, people across the developing world have been exploited for their cheap labour and have been subjected to some awful working conditions, whilst producing clothes and other fashionable attire for the western world to sell on at extortionate prices for massive profits. Consumers, as they have become more aware of this tragic situation, have started to demand to know where their clothes originate, what they are made from, and how well the workers are treated. With this in mind, organisations such as the Fair Trade Organisation, and ethical clothing manufacturers such as Sutsu have come into being. surf clothing always been a genre of clothing synonymous with being cool and having an individual style. At the online Sutsu store you can find a nice range of uniquely designed t shirts and hoodies and there is currently a 50% off end of season sale. Each design is limited to 50 units, to ensure that customers can always be wearing limited edition clothes, and to keep the designers fresh, forcing them to come up with new and exciting designs which they love to do. Aside from the design aspect of the clothes, their origin is equally if not more important to this company.

As many of the clothes as possible are made from organic cotton that comes from a Fair Trade cotton manufacturer, which means that workers producing the cotton work in decent conditions, have a fair pay and are not forced to work long hours. Every item of surf clothing is hand printed in the UK so that the chemical waste produced by the process of dyeing can be controlled by the company ensuring that it is limited as much as possible. This process also ensures that the each item of clothing is slightly different adding to the value of the garment; as clearly a one off piece of clothing is more valuable than one that has been mass produced. Alongside the surf clothes that can be found at the online store at are skate clothing and also snow clothing. Sutsu is by and large a board sport brand, who focuses on these three varieties of clothing, but their clothing in fact encompasses all types of board sports. It is obvious that the people who are interested in board sports will have a genuine desire to look after the earth, as their sport depends on its healthy condition. From snow boarders who cherish the mountains, to the surfers who are in love with the sea, doubtless they will be environmentally conscious folk. And it seems that the men’s and women’s surf clothing that is being produced at this particular online store is aimed at exactly these types of people. So if you feel you are in this bracket, check out the store at your earliest convenience.